Prof. Filmore Wandoon
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Listen closely my friends... The Lord's Divine Inspiration can come at you from any direction, at anytime and from anyone.

This is an account of a Glorious day in the life of our own "Steven the Preacher" and a Man who IS destined for Salvation!


Steven's word's...

"So I'm standing in my driveway getting ready to go see if I can catch a guy while he is still at work, and I hear another guy on a V-Twin pull left onto Kroonen street and then go right on Border street. I think to myself, "I should see if I can catch that guy and give him an XHEATHENS "Get Out of Hell Free" card". I put on my gloves and helmet, fire the bike and roll towards my destination at a fair pace, yet the goal of catching him is impossible (I think to myself). Traffic and lights are favorable and at the second light I find myself next to a slammed, well used and cared for, Harley. It spoke with a lope in its idle and had been fitted with a large front wheel. The man on the bike had a tattoo of a Lion with a Skull in its mouth on his right shoulder. He sat low in the saddle and it appeared this wasn't his first day on a borrowed bike. I say, "your bike really looks comfortable slammed, you mind if I give you something?" The Man said "I'm afraid of heights". I hadn't ever heard it applied to bikes before and started to grin thinking heights aren't bad, but landings can be tricky. I put down the kickstand, trying to wipe the grin off my face, and handed him the card just as the light went green. I mounted my bike and the man said something like, "this came just in time". I said, "He always does" as I rolled out.

I spoke to some of the members about it later that day and felt that it had been significant but had no Idea why... till now."


The following is the email the XHEATHENS received from the Man in his own words...

"I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to a member of your club named Steve Ethridge (Steven the Preacher).

Couple days ago he was at a light next to me on my old beater shovel and made some comment I didn't quite hear about my bike being low. Then he handed me his card. "Get out of hell free" it said on it. I read the back and had to let you folks know that the Lord indeed works in mysterious ways. I thought Steve might like to know , at that very moment I was on a mission to find/attend a meeting of a familiar 12 step program for the very first time. After 25 years of alcohol addiction I was finaly ready to make a change in my life. And as I sat at that light trying to talk myself out of this crucial first step for the zillionth time, I met Steve.

In my moment of doubt some guy rides up and hands me a signed "SIGN FROM GOD"... it's pretty hard to ignore. so I didn't. I read the card several times and every time I swear it read FOR Steve handwritten in at the bottom. My name is Steve. Turns out it says FROM Steve.

Seems When you are thick headed like me, God has to take a more direct aproach.

I found my meeting, and several since. And who knows, maybe God will help me lift this monkey from my back.

Thank you. You may have helped save my life."


Professor Filmore Wandoon’s Quotable Quotes

1. "Divorce is one of the last plagues"
2. "Six, six, six won’t beat three in one"
3. "If you don’t quit, you might win"
4. "Reciprocity is a law, listen as much as you speak"
5. "People have to die to make life important"
6. "Marriage is a partnership not a competition"
7. "There’s no place like hell"
8. "Never whisper the truth"
9. "Loneliness can kill you but nobody will know"
10. "If your word is no good, neither is your signature"

11. "There’s scientific proof that God is a scientist"
12. "Addiction is just another filthy habit"
13. "Never give a man with a broken leg a candy cane"
14. "What effect has Jesus Christ had on the world? It’s too early to tell!"
15. "Choosing the lesser evil is still evil"
16. "Jesus perfected sarcasm"
17. "‘Sodomite’ is not a racial slur"
18. "Take time to stop and smell the brimstone!"
19. "Trouble is always available"
20. "Satan wants friends"

21. “Sodomites are gender challenged”
22. “Evil won’t show up on a CAT scan”
23. “At every intersection there’s a cross”
24. “If you always do what you’ve always done,you’ll always get what you always got”
25. “People have to die to make life important”
26. “Don’t worry about style, a righteous life will generate its own style”
27. “You’re only young once but some try to camouflage the fact”
28. “Each day we create a part of eternity”
29. “When idolatry flourishes, dignity diminishes”
30. “Lies are overrated”
31. “It’s wiser to forgive and not forget”

32. “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
33. “Is that voice in your head conscience or ego?”
34. “Fornication is a S.T.D.”
35. “Jesus has a bail-out program for you!”
36. “Omission of the truth is just a quiet lie.”
37. “A plague begins with one contagious being.”
38. “Being a miser will not fix the economy.”
39. “If you throw the book at anybody, make sure it’s a bible.”
40. “Bad investments pay off with 100% assurance.”
41. “The smallest truth is stronger than the largest lie.”

42. “Suffering through life without the help of Jesus Christ is like saying you’re too sick to go to the doctor!”


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